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    When I went back to work in January, after my maternity leave came to an end. I decided to wean my son from breastfeeding at 5 months old.  It was a tough and painful experience for the both of us. It was a week of crying, screaming feeling guilty and helplessness and no sleep all at the same time. With my daughter, she breastfed until she was way past 24 months. THINGS LEARNED FROM WEANING FROM BREASTFEEDING MOM GUILT I felt so guilty to stop breastfeeding my son at 5 months old. Felt like I was not a good mom and I was failing him in some way. SEPARATION ANXIETY It has…

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    Timberland donates Stationery to Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

    In honour of the legacy of one of the world’s greatest statesmen; Nelson Mandela, Timberland donated stationery to the patients of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital (NMCH). At the heart of the Timberland® brand is a strong commitment to make their products responsibly, protect and enhance the outdoors and strengthen communities around the world.  The donation forms part of Timberland’s current campaign, Nature Needs Heroes. The campaign aims to engage the global community to be heroes for meaningful causes by taking simple and small actions towards meaningful change. The brand hopes that by equipping young people with the necessary resources to get an education, it can ignite a passion for…

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    Clicks Made 4 Baby Dry Protect Diaper Review

    Started using the Clicks made 4 baby dry protect diapers back in November. The reason was because that I was trying to find an alternative to brand name diapers that works. Today I will be talking about how I found the clicks store brand diapers. Here is my Clicks made 4 baby dry protect diapers review. First I will talk about the features of the diapers and then give my honest review. Features of Clicks made 4 baby dry protect diapers are; • Wetness Indicator • Stretchy waistband with Velcro straps • High absorbent core • Soft back sheet My Review When I first bought the Clicks made 4 baby…

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    The Perfect Gifts in The Month of Love

    Wow! Can you believe it is February already and do you know what that means? It is the month of love and people everywhere around the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. The stores are decorated in red and white decor with heart, but what are the perfect gifts in the of love. Valentine’s Day it is believed to be the day you spoil your loved one with gifts and all. I will be sharing with you the perfect gifts in the month of love that work for me. The Perfect gifts in the month of love are; Gift of Quality Time The gift of spending quality time with your loved one…

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    5 Things I am Grateful for from January

    Towards the end of last year, I promised myself to be more grateful in my life no matter how small. Today I am going to share with you 5 things I am grateful for from January. We as people tend to focus on what we do not have rather than what we have, and this way of thinking blocks our blessings. 5 things I am grateful for from January My Mom I am so grateful to have still have my mom and that she can watch my son while I am at work. Not a lot of women out there have this luxury.  She has been the biggest help and…

  • Pond’s recently released new clay cleansers and if you have been following me from the beginning. I love testing out new products. For over two months I have been trying out the new Pond’s Moroccan Mineral Clay Cleansers.
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    New Pond’s Morroccan Mineral Clay Cleansers

    Pond’s recently released new clay cleansers and if you have been following me from the beginning. I love testing out new products. For over two months I have been trying out the new Pond’s Moroccan Mineral Clay Cleansers. Unfortunately when I went to Clicks to get them I only got two out three of the Pond’s Morroccan Mineral Clay Cleansers, the pink one was sold out. Keep in mind that I tried these products on my combination skin type. I will be doing a review on the Pond’s Pure Detox Cleansing Scrub and Pimple Clear Cleanser for you. Pond’s Pure Detox Cleansing Scrub The purpose of this cleansing scrub is…

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    Timberland’s Trendy 2020 Women’s Collection

    This season, the focus for the Timberland women’s collection is a trendy and accessible style. Timberland’s Trendy 2020 Women’s collection draws from the hottest trends and coolest desires. For Autumn/Winter 2020, Timberland looked back while keeping an eye firmly fixed forward. This sure sounds exciting and something to look forward too. With the goal of powerful storytelling at its core, the collection features both new groupings as well as renewed styles that reflect the current appetite for chunkier and more stylized footwear. The look of the women’s collection is directed decidedly forward. Trendy details and of-the-moment colours and treatments define this season’s offerings. This season’s women’s collection brings aesthetics that…

  • How to Payoff Your Debt Quickly

    How to Payoff Your Debt Quickly

    I have been thinking about becoming debt free for a while now but didn’t take it serious until my son arrived. After the birth of my son all I could think about was money and How to payoff your debt quickly and be debt free. We all make money mistakes in life and the first step is to forgive ourselves in order to move forward. My money mistakes included credit cards and a personal loan with a hefty 26 percent interest rate. Last year, I managed to pay off my credit card and store card debt, you can read about it here. Paying of the credit card and store card…

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    5 Must-Haves for Your Handbag

    Today I have decided to talk about 5 must-haves for your handbag, well this is for when you are going to work because you actually carry a handbag not a nappy bag with the things your baby will need or not. I don’t usually carry a lot of stuff in my day to day bag. I am a pretty simple woman. Have always loved simple things and less baggage. Lip Balm Nobody loves dry and chapped lips that make you look like you are hungry. A simple lip balm really goes a long way. I actually make sure I never leave the house without. Hand Lotion Oh! Well, because all…

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    5 Ways to Avoid Online Distractions and focus on Parenting

    Modern parenting is different to 10 years ago. When I had my daughter back in 2009 there was not a lot of online distractions like today. I came up with 5 ways to avoid online distractions and focus on parenting because I have been feeling like I am inattentive. When I had my daughter 10 years ago I noticed every smile, and I was really present even though I was struggling with postnatal depression. Now I am constantly doing something online and I miss the smiles my son gives me. I know I miss them because I would be so consumed with what I am doing on the phone that…

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