• Ferocious Haven is now Life and Mo

    Ferocious haven is now Life and Mo

    Ferocious haven is now Life and Mo. Yes, I have rebranded my blog because as much as I loved Ferocious haven. Some people found it hard to remember and some even said the name is too abstract. Decided to go with Life and Mo “a play on and more”, something easy to remember. I was scared because change and I we are not best friends, but it was long overdue. Feeling renewed and excited about the new name Life and Mo. I would like to say Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey of blogging. Thank you to my readers and fellow bloggers and may the…

  • fake bloggers and followers exposè

    Fake Bloggers and Followers Exposè

      Wow, what a heated discussion indeed some applauded the call out and some called it cyber bullying. What does one gain from exposing and insinuating that a certain blogger is fake and has bought followers. I personally found the fake bloggers and followers exposè entertaining, I was giggling and saying om my gosh all the word. I do get what could be infuriating about overnight superstars compared to those who have been growing organically.Growing a blog or social media is one hell of a job and it is even more insulting when Brands look at the numbers rather than engagement. At one time, a brand approached me and asked…

  • Blogging

    Where to find good stock images for Bloggers?

    As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. As bloggers, we need stock images from time to time, so I will be sharing where to find good stock images for blogger that are free. Sometimes I need stock images and I browse the internet and it can be time consuming but now I have my favourite sites to find good stock images. Where to find good stock images for bloggers? Look no further and read below about stock images sites I use which have high quality photos, vectors and illustrations. Pixabay This is another site of high quality photos and videos that can be used for personal…

  • Blogging

    Things I have learnt about becoming a Blogger

    When I started blogging little did I know how much time it will consume and how much it will cost. I started a lot of blogs which I later left because I was not ready to put in the work of creating content. My mindset was wrong I was looking for a quick fix and failed. Things I have learnt about becoming a Blogger or Digital Influencer, it’s things I wish I knew before starting. Budget You have to be prepared to spend money from your pocket. Data is not cheap and you cannot afford to be offline for too long because readers tend to lose interest. If you appear…

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