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    7 Habits You Need to Adopt when trying to Save Money

    Guess what happened in South Africa In April our Vat increased from 14 to 15 percent and gosh you can really see the difference that one percent makes. I am sure every ordinary South African is trying to cut back and save some more lately. Here are 7 habits you need to adopt when trying to save money. Do Not Go Shopping Hungry Used to go shopping very early in the morning without eating because I wanted to avoid the long lines. By 10am I would be starving and buy junk food which wasted a lot of money. Eat before you leave home for shopping it will save you money in…

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    5 Ways on How to Achieve Financial Freedom

      How to have financial freedom? That is the question on most people’s minds, living in debt is a burden, but cause people to be have so much debt.  I will be sharing with you 5 ways to achieve financial freedom. Yes, the cost of living is too high, low income that cannot sustain a human being monthly, student loans the list is endless. Live within your means The first step is realising that you are living way above your means, sometimes it is deliberate and sometimes it is unexpected emergencies that come along, and you need that loan to take care of the people. Going back to unexpected emergencies. Save…

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