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Herbalife Skin Protective Moisturiser with SPF30


Today I will be talking about Herbalife Skin Protective Moisturiser with SPF30 I received from Herbalife.

I love products that are multi-functional because not only do they save time, they make getting ready for working the morning.

The first I look for when I choose a moisturiser for my face is that it provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

We get dry winters in Johannesburg and I have combination skin, which makes it difficult for me to find good products. Its either the product dries my skin out or makes my skin too oily.


The Herbalife Skin Protective Moisturiser with SPF30, first it provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and moisturises leaving skin smooth and soft. Other added benefits include reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; provides moisture for up to 8 hours and it is also Dermatologist tested.


Include Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E and Aloe Vera, Macadamia nut oil, Cucumber extract and Peptide.

My Review

The Herbalife Skin Protective Moisturiser with SPF30 comes in a 50ml lightweight container with a nozzle. The moisturiser is white in colour and smells divine like something you can eat. I like applying the moisturiser just before my foundation and my skin does not dry out during the day.

It is easily absorbed and put just a little more under my eyes for fines. Even after 20 minutes of applying the moisturiser if you touch the skin, it feels so soft and smooth. Leaves my skin moisturised without drying it out or making it oily.

For more information click here and can be bought from a Herbalife representative in your area.

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Have you ever tried Protective Moisturiser with SPF30? Tell me about your experience.


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11 thoughts on “Herbalife Skin Protective Moisturiser with SPF30

  1. I have a hard time finding an SPF moisturizer that doesn’t feel thick and cakey. I’ll have to check this one it. It sounds really good!

  2. I used to sell Herbalife! Looks like a great product. I try and moisturise and put sunscreen on in the morning because I am in the sun as a teacher but sometimes these are separate products.

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