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Life update from behind the scenes

Life update from behind the scenes

It has been a tough couple of weeks on my health I am still recovering. Life update from behind the scenes I have been heavily medicated , due to Lower Respiratory Tract Infection all I did was eat, take medication and sleep for a whole week.

It was not all gloomy had my 7 years old comedian daughter who just has a way of saying the funniest things ever. My cousin’s girlfriend had a baby, as I was sharing the news with my husband. She turns to me and said so how did she have the baby? Did she scream the baby out or they cut the baby out? I said I don’t know and she said well call her and ask.

I really cherish moments like that and they make my days’ worthwhile. While being sick and heavily medicated I had to study for exams, I was writting two subjects the same day. Dragged my myself to the exam centre and wrote two papers, so thankful that my husband was supportive.

Hopefully things will slowly go back to normal and looking forward to a healthier June. This has been life update from behind the scenes, nothing much, but just happy to be still alive and kicking.

Life update from behind the scenes

What have you been up to on your side?


15 thoughts on “Life update from behind the scenes

  1. Glad you are now okay. Still be safe and looking forward to your full recovery. Having kids really add smiles to us. Their innocent questions really are heartwarming.

  2. Well… I have been doing this. Lots of blogging recently and spending time with my daughter when I am not working. Sometimes I don’t think I am doing anything else these days. Which means a ton of writing. It’s great but it has me hopping all over the place for sure.

  3. I hope you’re back to 100% soon…it’s great that your little one has been around. Sounds like just the medicine u needed!

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