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Nivea Sunscreen Spray Review

About a month ago I received two Nivea Sunscreen Spray for adults and kids to try out and review. Spring has arrived in South Africa and we will be spending a lot of time outdoors. The Nivea Sunscreen Spray has got you covered against sunburn and other things.

The importance of sunscreen is that it protects our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The Nivea Sunscreen Spray provides immediate protection upon application.

I received the Nivea Sun Protect and Moisture Sun Spray SPF20 with medium protection and Nivea Sun Kids Coloured Moisturising Sun Spray SPF50 with high protection.

About Nivea Sun Protect and Moisture Sun Spray SPF20

The formula keeps your skin safe in the sun. Provides immediate protection and it is water resistant. Also highly effective  UVA and UVB protection.

About Nivea Sun Kids Coloured Moisturising Sun Spray SPF50

Formulated for children with delicate skin. Is highly effective UVA and UVA protection and it is extra water  resistant.


I used the Nivea Sun Kids Coloured Moisturising Sun Spray SPF50 on my daughter on her a PE day at school.

When she came home I immediately noticed something, her skin did not change colour from spending a lot of time in the sun. She was also happy that she did not get burned .

I used the  Nivea Sun Protect and Moisture Sun Spray SPF20 but did not not see any difference, since I spend most of the day indoor at work.

One thing I noticed is that the sunscreen kept my skin supple and moisturised throughout the day.

This post is sponsored by Nivea.

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