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This is why I love Paperless Post

  • This is why I love Paperless Post

Almost everything is virtual nowadays , I check my email more than my post box. Life is too busy and sometimes one can forget to send a birthday card. So this is why I love Paperless Post.

Not only are they  Eco friendly, it is convenient and easy to use. Being a working mom can be to at end of the day, all I want to do is just pass out on top of the  bed. Worry less about birthday invitations and birthday cards.

When Paperless Post approached me to partner with them for their July campaign, had no idea who they were. Quickly went to Google them before agreeing to the partnership and found their variety of products absolutely interesting.

This is why I love Paperless Post

Played around and got creative with their birthday invitations and birthday cards .With my daughter  turning 8 years old next month, timing was perfect for me to be introduced to Paperless Post in July.

Above are some  of the things have created on their site, it was very easy to customize and feel in love with the envelope lining. One more thing please create an app for us Android users.

Feel free to check them out too at Paperless Post.

Have you ever tried Paperless Post and how was the experience?

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2 thoughts on “This is why I love Paperless Post

  1. I’ve never tried a paperless post but I’ve gotten invites like these, one for a wedding recently and another for birthday parties. Through email and WhatsApp. We so much on our phones, I’m cool with paperless.

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