Top 5 Beauty changes to make this year.

Totally guilty of neglecting my beauty routine and the skin never lies. I will be talking about top 5 Beauty changes to make this year.

The ones I really need to apply into my life for better skin and lead to my flawless skin in 2018.

Top 5 Beauty changes to make this year.

1. Sleep More

I need to stop sleeping late because it is taking a toll on my skin. Sleep repairs damaged skin cells and removes toxins. I need to sleep more in 2018 and stop sleeping with the phone under my pillow because it keeps me up till late. Learn to relax and unwind .

2. Learn to Exfoliate My Skin

Wow, okay exfoliating is a foreign concept to me, just too lazy you know. But I have read it has some awesome benefits.

Will Exfoliate at least 2 twice a week for a healthier looking skin.

Top 5 Beauty changes to make this year.

3. Take care of my hands

Did you know that your hands show aging first? Gosh, no so it is advised to use hand cream during the day and night time. Find a hand cream that works for you and make it an everyday ritual to moisturize your hands day and night. As much as you give your face the TLC appliesthe same to your hands.

4. Eat foods that promote good skin

Anyone who knows me, knows I am one hell of a picky and fussy eater. To a point where my immune system was compromised last year and got sick a lot too. 2018 is the year to eat healthy foods as much as possible.

5. Drink more water

Guilty as charged because for the life of me, I cannot drink water. Will try to up my water intake because it has overall health benefits and with 0 calories.


Do you have top 5 beauty changes To make this year?

We want to hear about them.

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