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What are the benefits of Selenium?

Selenium is mineral rich in antioxidant, which protects cells against free radical damage? What are the benefits of Selenium?

It makes sure that the immune system is function as it should as well as promote cell growth and repair. Selenium also plays a role in maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Also plays the protective role by enhancing your body’s resistance against diseases and stress.
It is also found to reduce common forms of cancer and prevents heart disease.
Boosts immunity against viruses, improves blood flow, regulates the Thyroid function, increases longevity (Well I did know that), reduces Asthma Symptoms and boost fertility to name a few.

Selenium also fights inflammation, aids reproductive health, improves mood and anti-ageing properties.

The mineral Selenium can be food in foods below, but healthy food can be expensive for some of us and can also be taken as a supplement as well.

Selenium can be found in the following foods:

What are the benefits of Selenium   Eggs

What are the benefits of Selenium? Brazil nuts

What are the benefits of Selenium Sunflower seeds

What are the benefits of Selenium

Chicken Breast

What are the benefits of Selenium Beet root

What are the benefits of Selenium Sardines

What are the benefits of Selenium Spinach

As good as Selenium sounds remember too much of a good thing can be bad for you, so do not exceed the daily requirement because you can get sick.

Excessive intake of Selenium may lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

Moderation is key.

18 thoughts on “What are the benefits of Selenium?

  1. This is definitely interesting! It’s interesting that so many different kinds of food have it. I use chicken when I cook often. Of course I won’t use a crazy amount.

  2. Oh wow I have never heard of this and certainly didn’t know of all the benefits and the great news is that it is in a lot of foods that I eat.

  3. Our elders used to quote the importance of sunflower seeds and now I get to know the scientific reason behind it.. Thanks for this informative post

  4. This is really interesting information! A lot of people don’t realize that like with all vitamins, it’s important to consume in moderation.. There is such a thing as too much!

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