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When are you having another child? I double dare you to ask me that again.

What’s with people asking you when are you having another child? I should have some t-shirts printed out with a slogan WHEN ARE YOU HAVING ANOTHER CHILD? I DOUBLE DARE YOU TO ASK ME AGAIN. Like it is really none of business when I am having another child, okay.

Seriously have reached the end of the road with coming up with answers. By the way what is wrong  with having  one child? Should I bloody well choose to have another baby it’s  my choice. If I was a singer I would rap about it right unfortunately I aint Nicki Minaj.


Quick question what’s with people thinking they have the right to stick their nose in another people’s business? When you have a lot of children remarks are made “Baby making machine” and when you are you having children “why are you not have children “or “When are you having more children time is going”

When are you having another child? I double dare you to ask me that again, I am about sick and tired. Having only one  child does not make me less of a woman and neither does having a lot of children does not make any woman a lose / irresponsible woman. If they take care of their children and it’s a personal choice.

People need to get a life because next time my answer won’t be so polite as this morning. The society needs to stop trying to put women in a neatly packed and labelled box of we should do and when we should have children.


Do you get ask when are you have another baby? What is your answer?

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