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    A while back received the Dove Essential Nourishing Lotion Deep Care Complex to give my honest review. Enriched with NutriDuo, the unique dual action moisturising complex combines essential oil and skin nutrients goodness to both nourish your skins deeper layers whilst locking in the moisture.  The Dove lotion is dermatologically tested and and promises to give your skin 24 hours moisturisation. My Review  I have extensive dry skin type. The packaging is amazing Dove never fails on that. The lotion smells nice and it is  creamy and thick.  After application the lotion gives the skin looks glossy and silky. When I applied the lotion I could feel it nourishing my…

  • Rhodes Squish baby Food
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    My son has been a fan of Rhodes Squish. They have a variety of first foods available. I preferred BABY WEANING WITH RHODES SQUISH BABY FOOD because it is affordable and always on sale at clicks. Mama is trying to feed her baby without breaking the bank here. I do mix it up with other brands now but Rhodes Squish was the first food pouches I introduced to my son. I am a mama on a budget it is just convinient that Rhodes Squish is always on sales like pay 5 for R40. I still buy them, especially the fruit puree as a treat or snack. The first time I…

  • How To Stay Calm During Stressful Times

    How To Stay Calm During Stressful Times

    What a time to be alive? I was on my ride and decided to check what is happening on Twitter and normally go see what’s trending first. Rest in peace was trending clicked on it, and I was not prepared to see so much loss. That inspired me to write a post about How To Stay Calm During Stressful Times. There are a lot of loss out there and my condolences to all the families that have lost a loved one during this pandemic time. I will be sharing with you how I stay calm during tough times and also how I deal with stress, anxiety, and fear. How I…

  • How gratitude changed my life for the better

    How Gratitude Changed My Life For The Better

    Anyone who knows me, knows how haunted I was about my childhood trauma which led to depression in my life. Last year this time I was the most negative person and sought validation from outside people and social media. When I didn’t get external validation it fueled my depression until I had an epiphany. That life is just too long to go through it unhappy, angry and depressed. Started reading and took charge of my mental health and happiness. That is why today I am talking about how gratitude changed my life for the better. Expressing gratitude is such a simple act and extremely rewarding which leads to great mental…

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    New Nivea Q10 Power Anti-wrinkle Range

    Few months back I was selected be to be a part of rubies by Rubybox, to test and review the new Nivea Q10 Power Anti-wrinkle range. I received 3 products in total, a serum, day cream and night cream. If, you have been following me for a while you know I love testing new products and reviewing them. It is kind of my kryptonite. About The New Nivea Q10 Power Anti-wrinkle Range The products all contained the specific ingredients Co-enzyme Q10 Creatine and Algae Extract. The aim of this range is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just 2 weeks, yes just 2 weeks. NEW NIVEA Q10 Power Anti-wrinkle…

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    5 Things That Helped Me Manage My Income Better

    Hi Fam it’s me again sharing with you my financial journey. You see, I was never taught to manage money or to budget. Not by my family or at school. Naturally I fell into the Instagram lifestyle while I was broke because I was trying to keep up appearances and stay relevant. I had to learn to manage my income. So, here I will be talking about 5 Things That Helped Me Manage My Income Better. The truth of the matter is every purchase, every rush led to another purchase with money that was not mine and I ended up in debt and my credit score looked like crap. I…

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    Eco-Friendly Timberland Monochrome Pack

    Timberland currently launched the Winter ‘20 monochrome selection from Timberland comprises a number of key influences and innovations, resulting in a comprehensive and accessible offering. Their collection is Eco-Friendly Timberland Monochrome Pack. For the refined customer, this season, the brand offers a selection of black and white footwear styles with functional details and a sophisticated aesthetic. Key features include materials like waterproof shells and nubuck leather, as well as styles made using ReBotl, a fabric created from recycled plastic bottles. Introducing The Eco-Friendly Timberland Monochrome Pack The two-tone Premium Puffer Boot is ideal piece to make a bold fashion statement. Fully waterproof and insulated, with rubber lug treads to power through winter…

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    Five Things I Am Grateful For From June

    The Coronavirus crisis continues and the numbers keep climbing and racist outburst are still the norm. With police injustice and senseless killings in the world. All we can do is continue to be grateful and thankful for the little things in life and my family. So, here are Five things I am grateful for from June. Life The pandemic continues to take loved ones from their families.  Social media especially Twitter has become depressing with hashtag rest in peace trending every other week. Stay safe everyone. Health Tough month health wise, with my family falling ill especially my son just recovered from Measles. I am just thankful because in this…

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    How To Save Money While Shopping?

    Now more than ever saving money while shopping is imperative. I am certain that everyone is searching how to save money and stretch that Rand even further. How to save money while shopping? There are many ways to save money and different tricks and tips work for everyone. Today I will be sharing with you my very own personal tips and tricks that I used to save my family while shopping. Whether for groceries or clothes they apply to both. Use Cash I found that using credit cards at stores for shopping, I tend to over buy and go overboard. Withdrawing my shopping money and using cash has really helped…

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    Impactful Father’s Day Gifts with Nivea Men

    My husband recently received 3 Nivea Men products from Rubybox_beauty to test and review. Just in time for Father’s Day and the fun part is he got his present early. The products include Nivea Men Body Cream Deep, Nivea Deep Clean Shower Gel and Nivea Men 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner. The Deep Body Cream smells minty, the deep shower gel smells strong like a perfume and the 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner is forgettable in my opinion when it comes to scent. My husband loved all the Nivea Men products, but I loved the Nivea Men Deep because it was more masculine, woody and minty. Here are…