10 Facts About Monopoly and Happy World Monopoly Day

On the 19 March is  World Monopoly Day  (yes it’s a thing). In collaboration with Hasbro , I will be sharing with you 10 facts about Monopoly and Happy World Monopoly Day to you all.

Monopoly  has over a thousand variations, and it is enjoyed by more than 1 billion players in 114 countries across the globe.

10 Facts about Monopoly

  • Charles Darrow developed the MONOPOLY game in 1933, using small items from around the home, including pennies or buttons, to allow players to track their journey around the game board.


  • Darrow’s young niece had a better idea and suggested using charms, like the ones on her bracelet, to serve as the iconic tokens fans know and love today.


  • The original tokens represented familiar items from 1930s America, including an iron, purse, lantern, race car, thimble, shoe, top hat, battleship, cannon, and rocking horse


  • Mr Monopoly was only introduced into the game in 1936
  • In 1943, when faced with a metal shortage during World War II, wooden tokens were substituted until 1945, when the metal tokens were brought back into the game.


  • The sack of money token was added in 1999 but  retired less than a  decade later.


  • In 2008 Mr Monopoly began wearing an M-shaped silver metallic bowtie.


  • 2013 saw Mr Monopoly ranked #12 on the Forbes Fictional 15 list of wealthiest characters, with a  net worth of $1.2 Billion.


  • In 2015 Mr Monopoly celebrated his 80thbirthday by ringing the closing bell at the NASDAQ.


  • Last year Hasbro held a historic vote allowing fans to pick the eight tokens that would feature going forward. Over 4.3 million fan voted to secure spots for the: Scottie Dog; T-Rex; Top Hat, Car, Rubber Ducky, Cat, Penguin and Battleship token on board!

Are you ready for game night?

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