11 Self-Care Ideas For Women’s Month

Today’s I will be sharing some  11 Self-Care Ideas For Women’s Month. I am guilty of working myself to until I am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.  

This month, we celebrate Women’s day, let us make a month shall we. We often want to be everything for everyone which leads to burnout and exhaustion.

Between working full-time and  being a mom of 2 beautiful children. I never have time for myself and I cannot remember the last time I heard myself think. 

Feel like I am losing my identity as a woman a little bit and I need to find myself again. Here some self-care ideas to try this Women’s Month and every day after that. 

1.Walking Alone

Spending time outside and breathing in the fresh air. Leave the kids with your partner just have this time to yourself not forgetting to be safe during this time. Wear your mask. 

2.Unplugging from Social Media 

It is okay to take a break from social media. Taking a social media hiatus helps you to protect your energy from toxic, negative, and useless  things that flood our world today. 

3. Move your Body 

Do anything to move your body from yoga to stretching it is good for your soul. Even dance to your favourite music. 

4. Surround yourself with happiness 

Spend time with people that make you feel good about yourself. This will, in turn feed your energy with positive vibes and happiness.

5. Take a Bath

Having a warm relaxing bath is amazing and forget a face mask. Let your children  watch their favorite cartoons to give yourself a few minutes to yourself. 

6. Sleep 

Sleeping recharges us and in order to achieve this leave your phone out of the bedroom. 

7. Watch a Movie 

I am a fan of musical and comedy the singing and dancing is fun. My favorite musical is Mamma Mia. 

8. Feed your Wholesome Food

Feed your soul and body food that has nutrients and healthy. 

9. Spoil yourself 

This does not mean blowing out  your budget. Bank accounts now have saving accounts within them for you to save some money for yourself. Honestly I don’t know  the last time I bought myself anything even right now I am thinking about baby wipes and diapers for my child. 

A habit I have to break and spoil myself. 


Really need this in my life. I started saving money towards this. I cannot wait. 

11. Go Out for breakfast, lunch or dinner

I am an extreme introvert like only leave the house for work and shopping for the family. Nothing for myself. 

Being an introvert does not mean you have to neglect yourself. 

Wishing you a wonderful Women’s Month and hope that the 11 Self-Care Ideas For Women’s Month shared above come in handy in your life.

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