5 Important Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green Tea is proven is be one of the healthiest beverage in the world. It is packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients. EGCG is one of the most powerful compound in green tea.

The 5 important of benefits of drinking green are but not limited to lowering the risk of cancer, boosting your immune system and weight loss.

I have grown to like drinking green tea with honey. It can be an acquired taste. Once you start drinking it you will get used to it.

Here’s a list of the 5 important benefits of drinking Green Tea ;

Bleeding Gums

DrinkingĀ  green tea on a daily basis may help reverse periodontal disease and stop bleeding of gums.

Green Tea may also promote healthy teeth due to the catechin present in the green tea.

2. Diabetes

Green Tea helps to regulate glucose levels by slowing down the rise of blood sugar after eating.

3. Depression

The Theanine is an amino acid is naturally found in tea leaves. This susbstance is believed to have relaxing and tranquilizing effects.

4. Helps Cure Hangovers

The high antioxidant in green tea is believed to detoxify the liver and relieve hangover symptoms.

5. Anti-Aging Properties

The anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidantsĀ  in green tea delay skinĀ  aging.

To reap the health benefits of green tea , you need to drink at least 3 to 5 cups of green tea.


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