5 Parenting Mistakes I Made in the Past Year

I had a baby 10 years after having my daughter and let just say the age gap can be difficult at times, because my daughter has been alone for the longest and I had gotten used to having a one child. As I said mistakes in parenting are a given, here are my 5 parenting mistakes I made in the past year.

I do not care how many parenting books you read about parenting, mistakes in parenting are inevitable. Let us not judge each other.


I poured all my energy into taking care of the baby of the family and neglected my daughter. This made her feel unloved and unwanted by me. This led to her getting moody and reserved, glad to say I am learning to make time for both the children.


There was a time when I felt overwhelmed by everything and the all the roles I had to play.

Being a mom, a wife and working full- time. I could not handle all the change that happened and felt really burnt out, and I was irritable and screamed all the time to my children and my husband.

Let me say that I am finding the balance slowly and happy to say the screaming has gone. I breathe before saying hurtful and count to 10 to ground myself.

Too Much Screen Time

I am not that crafty, not even Pinterest can help me on that and when my daughter asked me to do something, my response would be let check the TV for a movie.

Finally learned to be crafty even learned how to create home-made slime which made Abeerah very happy.

We bake every other week and I involve her in the process, and she loves it.

Unhealthy Food

Due to being burned out, and exhausted I resorted to unhealthy junk food because I did not have the energy to prepare a wholesome meal and told myself that multivitamin will make up for where I lacked.

Thinking All Kids are The Same

Wow, this I had to learn the hard way. My daughter was the easiest and my son is the hardest and more active. He wants to run and climb, and I must be fully present because if I am not, he might hurt himself.

This increased our family’s grocery budget and hubby was not happy all. Something had to change.

Hubby and my daughter started helping with the cooking, chopping and other things.

Parenting is hard, as I aim to improve at being a better parent, I acknowledge mu weakness and mistakes and learn from them on a day-to-day basis. Hope you enjoyed reading about my 5 Parenting Mistakes I Made in the Past Year.

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  • Melissa Javan

    I’m guilty of all of this except for this one: Thinking All Kids are The Same. Give yourself grace because you’re learning as a parent. I’m happy to hear I’m not the only parent who screams.

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