With each day that passes in this Covid 19 crisis, it is getting harder to be grateful and thankful. Either way I promised myself to see this through. Here are the 5 things I am grateful for from April.

Wow! It is the first of May, time really waits for one. As this year begin in January we all had high hopes, vision boards prepared and new years’ resolution picked, but mother nature had other plans.

My Family

Even though my household has become a one income household, my husband’s business is still closed. We are surviving on my income, which me luxuries have taken the back seat, and we are trying to make every Rand stretch further.

My income is a blessing to my family at this time when people are losing their jobs and getting retrenched, I can’t begin to know how they feel but my heart goes out to you.


I got to work with a big company, and I am so grateful for this and do not take it for granted.


As the numbers of Coronavirus rise in South Africa, I am thankful that my family still has their health and that we still have each other. My deepest condolence goes out to families that have lost loved ones of this pandemic.

Financial Freedom

I begin a journey to become debt free from consumer debt and achieve financial freedom. Although the journey is slow still goes on, every little bit helps.

Prayer and Writing down my dreams

I begin praying and must say it has really improved my life. In many ways and has made me a happier person.

Also, writing down my hopes and dreams in a notebook and reading them every day has changed my life for the better.

What are you grateful for from April?

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