5 Things That Helped Me Manage My Income Better

Hi Fam it’s me again sharing with you my financial journey. You see, I was never taught to manage money or to budget. Not by my family or at school. Naturally I fell into the Instagram lifestyle while I was broke because I was trying to keep up appearances and stay relevant. I had to learn to manage my income. So, here I will be talking about 5 Things That Helped Me Manage My Income Better.

The truth of the matter is every purchase, every rush led to another purchase with money that was not mine and I ended up in debt and my credit score looked like crap. I am sharing with you 5 Things That Helped Me Manage My Income Better, in hopes of helping and inspiring someone who reads this.

5 Things That Helped Me Manage My Income Better


Having some to hold you accountable is essential for any journey to begin healing. For me my husband has been my rock and my confidant.

He is not afraid to call me out, when I am being reckless with money.

Financial freedom

Knowledge is really power, instead of trying to keep up with the social media lifestyle. I learned from it and found communities and hashtags that inspired me to manage my money better and aim for financial freedom.

Healthy Money Mindset

Having a healthy mindset when it comes to money and spending are really important. As soon as I learned that I did not have to shop every less than 50% sale or accept any debt that was offered easily, it became clear to me that.

That the power is truly in my hands and mind. What I choose to do with that is totally up to me and you.

Tired of being broke

Got tired of being broke every single month and seeing my hard money go to different creditors.

Also, got tired of counting days to the next paycheck.

My Children

I needed to be a better person for me to be a role model for my children when it comes to money.

Also, break the chain of financial recklessness and irresponsibility.

I learned to manage my money better for my children, so they pass on the seed I will plant into their minds to their children, so on so forth.

Those are the 5 things that helped me manage my income better, it was not without fail.

Had to try a few times until I got it right. I did not hit the ground running, but I am really happy with how far I have come.

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