5 Ways on How to Achieve Financial Freedom


How to have financial freedom? That is the question on most people’s minds, living in debt is a burden, but cause people to be have so much debt.  I will be sharing with you 5 ways to achieve financial freedom.

Yes, the cost of living is too high, low income that cannot sustain a human being monthly, student loans the list is endless.

Live within your means

The first step is realising that you are living way above your means, sometimes it is deliberate and sometimes it is unexpected emergencies that come along, and you need that loan to take care of the people. Going back to unexpected emergencies.

Save Money for Emergencies

Do you have an emergency fund?  Well I as I type this I will answer that I don’t have an emergency fund.  Also know that many people who are low income earners do not have an emergency fund and that is the sad truth.

Cut out unnecessary expenses

We have so much unnecessary expenses in our lives it is shocking. Unnecessary expenses include paying for satellite tv service like DSTV imagine how much you might be saving a year if you cancel it. For instance, paying R510 x 12 months this includes PVR access and insurance for the decoder the total amount for 12 months is R 6120.00.

You could be using that money for something important at the end of the year.

Pay off your debt

Did you know that there is good and bad debt? Yes, there is and understanding this will help you be wise when spending your money. Paying of your debt will reduce stress and burden in your life and you will eventually be happier and free.

Save Money Every Month

You don’t need R5000 a month to start saving. A little goes a long way. Start with what you have and the more debt you pay off the more money you will have to put into your savings account. It is all about consistency to archive financial freedom.


I have following a blog making sense of cents and the stories of how people got themselves out of debt are inspiring. Inspiring enough for me to take charge of my finances. Yes, I don’t earn 30 000.00 Rands a month but I can make slight changes in the way I spend money to get out of debt and save money.

What tips do you have on saving money? Please share with us, we would like to hear from you.

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