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5 Ways to have a baby and still save money

It is okay to live within your means and not succumb to the pressures of society and social media. After all babies grow really quick so in my opinion it is pointless to spend a lot of things the baby will not need after 6 months. I will be telling you about 5 ways to have a baby and still save money.

Who said having a baby has to be expensive Of course we are human we all want to buy our children the premium brand diapers and luxurious strollers but the reality is not everyone can afford too.

Recently had my son, and he is my last born and the age gap between him and his sister is a whole 10 years.

So, you can imagine I had to start all over again because I gave away all my daughter things. Got stressed out about money and saving for the baby and those debit orders while I will be on maternity leave.

Used Baby Clothes

When I had my girl, kept all her baby clothes and when a cousin of mine had her cousin I gave her the clothes.

She was so happy. You may think no one will need your used baby clothes but there are other people out there who would appreciate them more than you know.

After having my boy she sent me her boy’s clothes which helped a lot to this day. Say yes to used baby clothes.

Store Brand Products

Yes, store brand products work too, and they quality is just as good. I especially use baby brand from Clicks, and they just do the job as the brand names. On the other hand, it saves me money.

Accept Gifts.

I have been truly grateful to the uncles and aunts that come with baby clothes and diapers when they come to see my boy. Their gifts have helped a lot and appreciated.

Baby Shower

Being socially awkward never had baby showers for my babies but if you have one. Use then to your advantage to stock up on the essentials like diapers and wipes because babies go through that a lot than you think.

Save Money Ahead

The minute you find out you are pregnant, cut costs on things you can survive without and save the money for the baby very helpful believe me.

It is okay to live within your means and not keep up with the Jones’s, once you come to peace with this your mental health will thank you.

Also, keep the cycle of giving going by keeping the baby clothes and blankets in mint condition to give another mommy

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