6 Hacks on How to Declutter Your Life- path to happiness

6 Hacks on How to Declutter Your Life- Path To Happiness


6 Hacks on How to Declutter Your Life- Path To Happiness ,I am sure we all have heard of the saying ‘LESS IS MORE’. Which is very true because most people have more than they need and we all know how things can easily pile up (Hoarder Alert). In order or maintain a simple life you have to think quality over quantity.

6 Hacks on How to Declutter Your Life- Path To Happiness.

1.Eliminate Negative People

Time to clean out negative people in your life because they just suck up more energy and space which is not beneficial to you. These people are those who are not supportive, jealous and gossip behind your back kind of people. Nobody has time for that kind of drama and bull in their lives right.

2. Watch Less TV

Watching television takes up most of our time, I am certainly guilty of watching way too much television. Come to think of it, I have spent over R 5820.00 on my cable over the last year alone. I could invest that money even gone on a holiday.

One of my readers commented that it’s been 15 years since they had a television set in their house and I thought are you insane.

Well,not insane at all since I had the time to reflect on my life, it is actually doable.

You don’t need to go cold turkey on watching television just limit the time bit by bit and also will reduce the amount of money spent on cable entertainment.

3. Don’t Buy Things You Don’t Need

Well, most of us are guilty of buy things we don’t really need. Over time they pile up and pile up eventually run out of space. They are just material things after all, do we need so much to fulfill ourselves.

4. Clean Out Your Wardrobe

We all have items we have never worn since buying them in our closets. Bought them because they were on sale and thought we will look cute in them , then 2 days down the line you ask yourself what the hell was I thinking.

You can have a garage sale or give them away to charity it is totally up to you what you do with your unwanted clothes.

6 Hacks on How to Declutter Your Life- path to happiness

5. Minimize Notifications

Social Media has taken over our lives to the point of chasing likes, retweets and all that junk that just makes life a living hell.

If you can turn off your social media notifications or keep what is important to limit stress. Learn self-control you don’t need to refresh a post every second to see how many likes you have received.

Not only is it time consuming it causes stress not good for your health. Learn Self Control

6. Go Paperless

Do you need a hard copy of your favorite magazine? You don’t when they have an online version of it. Things like Magazines accumulate very quickly and take up too much space in living rooms. If you are going to buy a hard copy rather be a book that can be passed on to your children. Remember quality over quantity all the time.

 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

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