6 Money Saving Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

6 Money Saving Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well, a lot of people are having financial difficulties since the pandemic hit and some households have been on 1 income as the other partner has lost their source of income. That does not mean you should not have fabulous Valentines gift. With it got me thinking about 6 money saving gift ideas for Valentine’s day.

This year I am focusing more on intentionally Valentine’s Day gifts, after it is the thought that counts right.

1.            Massage

You can offer your partner a massage using their favourite body oil. Give them a full body massage do not forget the hands and feet as well.

2.            Cook Dinner

Make your partner their favourite dinner with all their favourite foods included. Make it a romantic dinner by lighting some red and white candles and put-on soft music in the background.

3.            Do What They Been Asking You to Do

If you are married and you have been nagging your spouse to fix some things around the house, and they have been putting off, fellas fix them your woman will appreciate it.

4.            Watch their favourite Movie.

It is well-known that men and women may have different tastes in movies. Watch two movies, one movie for each person that you have avoided watching with them.  I know my hubby hates things I watch, and I hate what he likes.

5.            Picnic in your backyard

Surprise your partner with a picnic in your backyard and if you do not have a backyard. Have an indoor picnic that works too and be off your phones and just connect with each other.

6.            Buying a Gift

The aim is to be intentional when buying a gift and you have a set budget and stick to it. Do not break the bank to get a gift unless you are able to splurge on an expensive gift then go ahead and do it.

The aim of gifting this valentine’s day or any other valentine’s day is to be intentional with your gifts. Creating memories is more important than material things.

Do you have any Money Saving Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day? Feel free to share with us in the comments or drop us a DM on our social media account.

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