Another month gone. March is my birthday month and this year I will be turning…. We’ll ain’t telling you. I begin every month with things I am grateful for from the previous month. This helps me to practice gratitude.

I have 6 things I am grateful for from the month of February, some are from January and there are are few new ones.


The Gift of Life

This is something I really don’t take for granted at all. It is a privilege to still be here for my children and love them how they need to be loved.

My Past Trials and Tribulations

There was a time when I used to be ashamed of being a survivor of psychical abuse from my childhood. Now I embrace my battle scars because they help ground me and be a humble and kind person.

My Children

My daughter is the funniest, she would say something so funny while we get ready work and school and my day is made.

My son’s smile when he wakes up and sees me looking at him or when I walk in the house after work just melts my heart.

Being Content

We live in the times of social media and everyone is flashing their luxurious lifestyle and what not.

I, being able to be content with what I have is an achievement because, remember a time when I would get frustrated on why I can’t do this and that when I feel like it.

These days I am just happy with the simplest things` life has to offer.

Ability to Relax

I used to fuss about a sink full of dishes or a washing basket full of laundry. Now I am just cool with having a lazy weekend.

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Also grateful for the blessing to have paid work with a huge brand.

What are u grateful for from last month?

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