7 Habits You Need to Adopt when trying to Save Money

Guess what happened in South Africa In April our Vat increased from 14 to 15 percent and gosh you can really see the difference that one percent makes. I am sure every ordinary South African is trying to cut back and save some more lately. Here are 7 habits you need to adopt when trying to save money.

Do Not Go Shopping Hungry

Used to go shopping very early in the morning without eating because I wanted to avoid the long lines. By 10am I would be starving and buy junk food which wasted a lot of money. Eat before you leave home for shopping it will save you money in the long run.

Pay yourself first before paying your bills

Lately I have adopted the pay yourself first method and of course you don’t have to start out with a higher percentage of your salary. Ease into it maybe start with 3 percent of your salary until you are comfortable with saving 10 percent.

Buy Stamps

Shoprite has stamps that you can buy and save them for rainy days, you are strapped for cash or in January when money is tight. Set out a budget you can afford into buying the stamps.

Take your leftovers for Lunch

I have always taken lunch to work because it saves time on figuring out what you are going to eat and delivery fees. One day I didn’t have any leftovers and decided I will buy takeaways gosh it nearly cost me R100.00 for Lunch that day. I was mortified never again.

Cut your Cell phone Bill Down

You know I Spend R405.00 on Telkom Mobile just to buy 10 Gb a month. Buy so much because don’t have fixed Telkom line where we stay. I use the data to blog and manage my blog social media pages. Sometimes the 31 days comes while I still have a lot of data which is not carried over. It pisses me to lose so much data.  Need to relook spending on data now.

Join Rewards Clubs

There are plenty rewards clubs in South Africa like:

Dischem, Pick n Pay Smart Shopper, Clicks, Snap n Save App to name a few.

Medical Aid

Every year medical aid goes up and it is getting expensive for us those of us who are not high income earners. You may need to relook at your medical aid if you are struggling to make ends meet.

Saving money should be fun not stressful and always start with what you can afford to save.

Used to think that I need 100K to save money but recently learned that every little change I have left after paying bills and buying necessities goes into a savings account. Start saving today because it is never too late.


Do you have more money saving tips for us? Please share with us.

Love Mo

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  • Emma M

    I’m inline with the Shoprite stamps. I recently started loading a checkers voucher with R50 every time I have one to spare. It’s really working out so far. When days are dark, I find I have some cash on it to spend for essentials.

    Oh, and thanks. I didn’t know that Dischem has a rewards club. I’m definitely joining them.

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