7 Things Motherhood has Taught Me


Never wanted to be a mother it was not in my life plans, then I become a mother. Struggled to connect with my baby girl because she did not fit into the life plan I had in mind for myself, that led to me to having Post Natal Depression.

Fast Forward to years later being a mother has been the most challenging journey of my life. A Roller Coaster ride has nothing on Motherhood.

I would not trade it being a mother for anything in this world and here are 7 things motherhood has taught me.


Once you become a mother there is nothing you would not do to protect your child from. You automatically become selfless because there is a new sheriff in town that you will love unconditionally.

Best friend for life

I am not a people person and having a daughter has given me a best friend for life.  We have our ups and downs but at the end of the day we make up and eat ice cream while watching cartoons e.g. Princess Sofia.

Unconditional Love 

Learned to love unconditionally because of my daughter. Think motherhood really opens a door to that part of the world the unconditional Love dimension.

Cartoon and Children Movie Expert

Well on Sunday we watched Frozen yet again and we had to be in character as well Abeerah was Elsa and I was Anna.

We spoke with the movie danced and sang along, yes cartoon and children movie expert. After that we watched Maleficent, thankfully there is no singing.


When you are a mother you sometimes must become a playdate yes tea party and cakes made from Play-Doh and don’t pretend to be having the time of your life while doing it. Mothers deserve an Oscar.


Yes, you become a chauffer on weekends driving around to birthday parties. You manage your children social calendar that you don’t even have yourself.

Costume Designer

Yes,  must be crafty and wing it at custom designing for character day for school because there is no way you will spend a small fortune for a one-day costume. This year she was Moana yes I had to create a Moana Costume after watching hours of YouTube videos on how to. Next year she is Wonder Woman better start working on it.  LOL

Those are the 7 Things Motherhood has Taught Me in the 9 years of being a mother to my wonderful and opinionated daughter.

When you are a mother you become jerk of all trades and stumble along the way, pick yourself up and continue doing your best. I would not have any other way.

What has motherhood taught you? Please share with us looking forward to hearing your experience.

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