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Abeerah’s New Chapter

So my only child Abeerah will starting school next year grade one, alright I have been aware of that fact, but it has been just surreal you know until I saw her stationery pack. Bang it hit its really happening and my baby has grown up and that night I was restless as I was thinking of everything that could go wrong, I am really feeling scared for my angel and she seems very much happy the time has arrived for her to wear school uniform and shoes she is just too excited to worry about anything.

I think I am the one suffering from separation anxiety but why as I go to work and she goes to preschool why am I this nervous? I have a huge fear of change I guess because school times will now be different shorter than now and maybe because now things are getting serious I will have to be proactive in her school work and all that this is starting to sound like too much work. Okay, breath in, breath out there is no need for me to panic. I am seriously scared out of my mind and I am not ready for this chapter and not ready for my baby girl to grow up.

Wow, so the suitcase was full with stationery now we just gotta get the uniform and shoes. Wait, why suitcase I hope it will be for just storing the stationery at school because I prefer a bag pack and suitcases are not fun in winter hashtag speaking from experience. Looks like my Abeerah is equipped to start her new chapter in her life.

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