Amazing year of being a mom of two
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Amazing Year Of Being A Mom Of Two

Wow, a year ago I became a mom of two. I went into this thinking it was going to be a breeze raising my son like daughter. I was mistaken, I was very wrong to think two children would be the same. Here is an update about Amazing Year Of Being A Mom Of Two. 

Being a mom of two is freaking challenging, no jokes. Been a mom of one for 10 years, that life became the norm then I had my son 10 years later. 

The balance between a tween and a baby now toddler can be hard. The amazing part of having my son was the fact that I got to feel everything the new moms feel with their babies. I missed that with my daughter due to postnatal depression.

I have really enjoyed my son, it is sad that he is growing up so fast. Just wish he would stay a baby a little longer. 

As for my daughter, gosh she is a tween the moods are just all over the place.

One minute she is fine, the next she screams leave me alone. She is becoming body conscious and this morning she just told me she needs plastic surgery to remove her boobs. 

Like what the hell. 

In between all the ups and downs of parenting two children in two different phases. 

My make my life complete in every way. Honestly would not trade them for anything. 

I am grateful and blessed to have them in my life. Another thing is somehow having my son I found myself again.

Reached a place of peace and content. I have noticed that I am the helicopter mom. 

This past year I have learned a lot and still learning. 

What have you been up too?

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