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AmbiPur Smelly to Smiley

AmbiPur On Wednesday I received a refreshing package from Atmosphere it was the AmbiPur #SmellyToSmiley pack with amazing products that fight odour not only in your bathroom and toilet but throughout the house.

A survey was conducted by Columinate on behalf of Ambi Pur South Africa to find out how do South African women really feel about smells and the one that shocked me the most was the 57% that have avoided visiting someone’s home because of a bad of our/smell.

Here are some other results from the survey:

74% feel that all their homes have some degree of bad smells
95% think it’s very important to have a good smelling home (I agree)
62% of women say that garbage smells are the worst household of odours.
Very interesting results indeed with the bathroom taking the number one spot when it comes to worst smells found in the homes with 70%, the area where an air freshener is used most is the toilet but did you know you can also use in the lounge and bedroom (I didn’t know I only used my air freshener in the toilet).
I must say how our homes smells plays a big part of who visits or not.
I enjoyed using the Ambi Pur Freshelle in these two scents lavender and comfort and ocean and wind. My favorite is the lavender and comfort and my home smells pleasant. My car had this petrol smell when you open it, now thanks to the AmbiPur Car in flowers and spring my car smells like the garden.

Thank you Atmosphere and AmbiPur for the #SmellytoSmiley experience

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