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Another Interesting Taxi Conversation


Wow, today’s journey back home seemed so short because another interesting taxi conversation was sparked it started with this other gentle asking a question. Why is it alright for a street vendor to display his vegetables and fruits to attract customer, but we are disgusted when we see a prostitute showing a lot in public?

There were interesting answers some said that is just not right to display your private parts in public, I say there is no dignified way of advertised yourself as the lady of the night unless you have joined an escort which catered for those professional men or you are a bunny at the playboy mansion and the topic went on to why men prefer to buy prostitutes it is because a she or he is cheap and does not require them to call, spoil them they are easy going than wives or girlfriends at home.So, bottom line is maintaining a wife/girlfriend is more expensive that is why some men to go that other.

Another totally different conversation you know the one you should never talk about Religion yes, they did it, I chose to keep quiet because I know that this one will never end. This other lady who said that she has been speaking in tongues since she was sixteen years old and the other gentleman said that is hpvwash its at a Chinese gong to a Germany and start speaking in Chinese that is how this speaking in tongues thing started.September last year she had a stroke and she could not see and her pastor prayed for her and she is well known and she believes Jesus healed her, the taxi driver asked why do you believe in Jesus so much when Jesus was a made up character and ordinary man than God.

Everyone in the taxi was engaged including the taxi driver it was so loud that everyone was looking at us like we were crazy or something. How the religion/traditional believers topic ended, I don’t know because it was time for me to get off. I laughed and the stress of the day was relieved.
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  • Dean of Little Steps

    Oh I do love conversations with cab drivers too. So interesting and it helps to while the time away especially when stuck in traffic. Although good call to stay quiet when it comes to discussing religion,such a touchy topic isn’t it? 😉 #abitofeverything.

  • justsayingmum

    Oh i love shocking discussion like this with total strangers – just so entertaining and enlightening – though i do prefer to listen at times – definitely the safer option! funny post #abitofeverything

  • Agent Spitback

    Interesting topics indeed and like you say, controversial…too many sides to the one story and everyone think they have the answer. I would have done the say, smile, nod and laugh after the fact. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

  • Modern Belle

    My favorite conversations abroad always end up being about taboo topics. Like the time and a French champagne maker and I got into a 3 hour conversation about politics. Come to find out every country has the same issues and we all have no clue how to fix it.

    Definitely share more taxi conversations…love to hear what other people get passionate about. #abitofeverything

    • Moipone Islam

      Hi Ashley

      Wow 3 hours that must have been on hell of a conversation, I love them because you learn something new everytime, I will share more conversations.

      Thank you for visiting 🙂 🙂 🙂

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