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Avon Herbal Care Conditioner and Hair Food Combo

Avon Hair food and treatment

I have natural damaged hair, it is really bad it breaks when I comb it. It is actually impossible to keep up with it .I have been seeing this range for years now so I finally decided to try it bought the Avon herbal Care moisturing hair food and cholesterol treatment conditioner Combo.

Cholesterol Treatment Conditioner R44.90

Is for all hair types comes in a clean simple package. It’s in a 200ml tub and has a pleasant smell. When I put on my hair it felt soothing and nourishing. After rinsing it out my hair feels moisturized and soft. The product is yolk yellow in color. Directions are after washing your hair apply it and leave it for a maximum five minutes and rinse off.
My first impression of this product is good and out of a five I will give it three and a half , it is still early days .

Moisturizing Hair Food R54.90

Good for relaxed, natural hair and colour-treated, comes in a 200g tub, the smell not so bad, it promises to improve the condition of hair and prevent it from becoming dry and damaged. Formulated with carefully selected oils and vitamins.

My first impression I love it, it really lasts on the hair and it makes the hair shine and just a small amount goes a long way. Out of a five I will give it a 4 a really good impression.

Hopefully this combo will rescue my hair and revive it. Thank you for visiting and may you kindly leave your advice if you have on how to rescue damaged ethnic hair in the comments area below.

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