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As you all know I had my last baby in August and I have been all about saving money when it comes to buying baby items. I needed a musical mobile for my babies cot that did not cost me an arm and a leg and finally found the Baby Links Baby Bed Bell Musical Mobile from Game at a very affordable price.


• Spinning 360 degrees
• The lights act as a projector on the wall at night.
• Velcro fastens for a cot/crib
• Plays white noises, lullaby’s, bird sounds and sounds of babies laughing.
• The projector shows different shapes in different colours
• The music is soothing
• Needs 3 AA batteries

The Baby Links Baby Bed Bell Musical Mobile can bought at an affordable price of R259.00.

My Review

I would have loved the product to have different objects instead of 3 smiley teddies in the same shape.

Loved that the music was not too loud it was very soothing and that I can control if I want the projector to keep flickering in different colours or just show one steadfast colour of shapes.

Another thing that I liked about the Baby Links Baby Bed Bell Musical Mobile is that is automatically switches itself off.

My son loved hearing different sounds and lullaby’s. It kept him entertained and less fussy in his cot.

I would say it was money well-spent for a mommy on budget like myself. No need to assemble it together because the pieces go in together easily.

You will need a screw driver for the inserting 3 AA batteries because it does not come with batteries.

Until next time love Mo

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