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My son has been a fan of Rhodes Squish. They have a variety of first foods available. I preferred BABY WEANING WITH RHODES SQUISH BABY FOOD because it is affordable and always on sale at clicks. Mama is trying to feed her baby without breaking the bank here.

I do mix it up with other brands now but Rhodes Squish was the first food pouches I introduced to my son. I am a mama on a budget it is just convinient that Rhodes Squish is always on sales like pay 5 for R40.

I still buy them, especially the fruit puree as a treat or snack. The first time I bought the fruit puree was when I was introducing plain yohgurt to my son, and he hated the taste. As soon as I added the fruit puree into his yoghurt he could not stop eating.

What I love the most about the Squish is that they mix vegetables and fruits. Also, have some fruit salads as well as yogis. Yogis is plain yoghurt and fruits.

Yes, I am that mama because I am too busy and too tired to be making homemade baby food. I wish I could whip up some home made food but after a long day at work. I am really exhausted and ready to pass out.

I also love the colours of the packaging and different colours of lids for fruit and vegetables.

It is easy to eat when you are out and about with no need for a spoon.

Benefits of Rhodes Squish

😍 Preservative Free

😍 Colourants Free

😍 Flavouring Free

😍 No Starch

Flavours of Rhodes Squish include but not limited to :

😍Apple, Beetroot and Guava
😍Apple and Guava
😍Mixed Vegetables
😍Butternut and Carrots
😍Fruit Salad

😍Yoghurt and fruits

😍Banana and Strawberry

😍Pear and Sweet Potato

For more information on how you can incorporate Rhodes Squish into your baby food to add natural flavour click here.

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