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Back to School: First day of Grade 1

Grade 1

Now I can stop stressing and obsessing on what could go wrong the day has arrived and my daughter, she was so excited about it so much that when I woke her up this morning she literally jumped out of bed asking if she is late. It’s been a decade since I covered any books so covering her 4 books felt like hard work omg and the labelling on each and every crayon, pencil, glue, ruler was just not enjoyable at all.
The back to school first day of grade 1 was not that bad I survived after running like a headless chicken last night, making lunch and preparing her uniform and making sure every stationery item is packed and ready.

Lunch Box Ideas

After work I went to the shop and guess what the bread was sold out so I had to use the white bread in the house (will get brown bread later today), I put bread with easy chicken meat and cheese, Pure Joy Juice, Banana flavored yoghurt and Bakers mini cheddar bites. I asked her if I should put an apple and she said no.

May you kindly please share ideas of what I can put in her lunch box to make it healthier.

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