When I found out I was pregnant earlier this year , I was worried how my 10 years old daughter would react to the news. Also worried about the 10 years age gap between them , well I worried a lot.

The backstory of why I waited so long to have another baby is that I had a horrible birth story with my daughter. Thanks to the government hospital treatment and I suffered post natal depression.

I was basically traumatized to the point of being content with having just my daughter. Since having my son have noticed benefits of a 10 years age gap between siblings.

Which I will get into in just a second , after having my son , I didn’t go home to let my mom help me with everything for personal reasons that involve my family.

My mom comes to help though with meals and laundry. Also stayed because my daughter needed me to be home because well hubster is clueless about a lot of things.

To the point of forgetting to give our daughter lunch box for school (really). Thank goodness she has good friends that shared lunch with her that day.

Benefits of a 10 years age gap between siblings

• Helps with doing small chores when I am too tired like doing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom.

• Watches little brother while I take the much needed shower.

• Puts rice on the stove and updates me on how it is going and when I need to drain the water.

• Is my partner during baby bath and nappy changes times.

• Spends time with little brother when I need a nap

• Feeds the baby the bottle when I am giving my nipples a break.

• Keeping the baby company when I finally get around to folding and putting away dry laundry.

• Sending her to get supplies for changing the nappy like nappy, surgical spirit, wipes and bum cream. Makes her feel important.

These are just the small things my 10 years old daughter currently helps with and I know she will help with more once the baby is bigger.

Getting her involved in caring for the baby makes her feel needed and included also helps she gets to bond with baby brother.

Love how she has embraced the role of being a big sister and her love for younger brother , because she was struggling with the idea of us having another baby in the house.

She thought that we wont love her anymore glad to see her fears put to rest.

What is the age gap between your children and what do you love about that?

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