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Bullying in Primary School

bullying in Primary School

Bullying in primary school should not be happening especially at a lower grade. I have always said that school children are the meanest. Lately my daughter has been complaining about a girl in her class Grade 1.

This girl has been mean towards my daughter and her other friends. Saying things like you are stupid, pushing and pinching her in the back when they are standing on a line.

This morning again while my daughter and I were walking to the transport she complained again about this mean little girl. I am seriously starting to get angry about this. I told her to tell her teacher because it’s really unacceptable, its making my daughter uncomfortable.

Never thought that I will have to deal with bullying in primary school. If this girl is mean from grade 1, I can only imagine her in Grade 7. My daughter said I told her that it is not right to hit someone.

She called me stupid again and said my other friends and I wish she does not come back to school next year. That sentence really alerted me that it must be really awful for them to wish her out of the school.

Got me thinking what do I do with this, because I am currently feeling like going to the school and giving that little mean girl a piece of my mind.

I cannot turn into mama bear on a 6 years old girl who clearly thinks what she is doing is right and has seen someone in her family to mean towards another person in her presence.

Bullying in primary school how do I handle that; I would really appreciate you input?

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  • Lisa

    Hello There. I have two girls aged 13 years and 11 years and I’ll tell you now, girls are mean, spiteful and nasty. Hardly a week goes by with girls when there’s not some friendship break up (less so with my youngest, she tends to spend more time with the boys) and it drives me nuts!

    However, the behaviour of this little girl toward your daughter and her friends is wrong and you should take action. DO NOT under any circumstance approach either the girl nor her parent directly, schools will not appreciate this and you may end up in hot water. Initially, I would advise you to approach the class teacher and communicate with her regularly.

    Remember, that this little girl is being mean, but we don’t know why, there may be things going on that are causing this behaviour and by using the right channels to address it, both your child, her friends and the child in question can all be helped and supported.

    Hope this helps you a little. This parenting lark is an absolute minefield #weekendblogshare x

  • Kaye

    Oh wow, I have no advice sorry. I am so not looking forward to my little ones going to school for this reason. I was bullied in primary school by two year girls and my Mum went straight in on them and told them to stay away from me. I think she just saw red! It did work though, they left me alone mostly after that. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    • Moipone Tsoka- Islam

      Hi Kaye

      We can’t keep them home forever unfortunately I have even thought of homeschooling my daughter because she is soft. But also think children benefit more from mainstream. Being a parent is hard: -(

      Your mama must have scared them lol ?

  • My Petit Canard

    Oh gosh, this is really difficult. Bullying is such an awful thing for any child to experience. Children really can be horrible to other children sometimes which I have never understood. I think you are doing the right thing telling your daughter to tell her teacher, but I think there is also no harm in you also speaking to her teacher given your concern. Good luck lovely, not an easy situation. Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  • Claire Henderson

    This is awful. I was bullied horribly in high school (it doesn’t even stop at primary school!), and I learned that girls are just plain nasty to one another. Even now as adults we come across some horrible bullies.

    As long as she remains a nice human and you help her though it, she will reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

    My dad helped me a lot to get through high school bullying. Through the self harm and the horrible days. I used to fake being sick so I could go home, and he used to come and fetch me when it was so bad.

    But you being there for her and being the best mum you can be will contribute in ways you can’t even image.

    Stay strong and let her know that there are people (people who have never met her) who think she is strong and wonderful, and who are there for her and thinking of her. XX

  • Hannah Atkinson

    Oh I’m sorry to hear this. I was bullied at Primary school and it was horrible. I hope that you’ve been into school ans that they’ve been helpful. Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare

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