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    5 Ways to Avoid Online Distractions and focus on Parenting

    Modern parenting is different to 10 years ago. When I had my daughter back in 2009 there was not a lot of online distractions like today. I came up with 5 ways to avoid online distractions and focus on parenting because I have been feeling like I am inattentive. When I had my daughter 10 years ago I noticed every smile, and I was really present even though I was struggling with postnatal depression. Now I am constantly doing something online and I miss the smiles my son gives me. I know I miss them because I would be so consumed with what I am doing on the phone that…

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    Pregnancy Announcement: Then we were four

    The last time I was pregnant was nearly 10 years ago, I must say being older and pregnant, is a lot harder than when you are 24 years old. Here is our pregnancy announcement: Then we were four. I am freaking out because I was honestly content with having one child my baby girl. Now I must do the sleepless night dance, baby crying for no reason and feeding. Still find myself up in the middle of the night with anxiety and questions running through my mind. How will I balance being a mom of two and work, as well as what if it is a boy? First Trimester Wow,…

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    How to Prepare Your Daughter for Their First Period

    Trying to remember the first time I got my period and how it felt. Gosh starting to feel old. Being a mom of a girl especially when you start noticing things like breast tissue forming or discharge on their underwear. It’s time to make sure that your daughter carries a first-period emergency kit. My daughter is Nine years old and she is already wearing roll on because of underarm odour and started seeing that her chest is no longer flat. My baby girl is growing so quickly, and I am not ready for PUBERTY. Started worrying about her, getting her period at school and I won’t be there to help.…

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    7 Things Motherhood has Taught Me

      Never wanted to be a mother it was not in my life plans, then I become a mother. Struggled to connect with my baby girl because she did not fit into the life plan I had in mind for myself, that led to me to having Post Natal Depression. Fast Forward to years later being a mother has been the most challenging journey of my life. A Roller Coaster ride has nothing on Motherhood. I would not trade it being a mother for anything in this world and here are 7 things motherhood has taught me. Selflessness Once you become a mother there is nothing you would not do…

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    Trip to the Johannesburg Zoo

    My family and I recently took a trip to the Johannesburg Zoo. Wow a lot has changed since I visited the Zoo . I was truly  suprised to see how the Zoo has improved and built a parking. It was a lovely day at the Zoo , initially  planned to just take a stroll at the Zoo  lake but we took a detour. Trip to the Johannesburg Zoo is an amazing way to spend a some quality time with the family. Away from the screens we are always look at for example phones, laptops and television. The Price List 2018 We saw lot of animals and my daughter and her…

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    Mommy why don’t I have straight hair? Mixed Girl Problems

      The other day my daughter asked me why she does not have straight hair like her other friends. Well I tried my best to explain to her that she is mixed – race. What is mixed-race, she asked? Mommy why don I have straight hair? Mixed girl problems, well honey it is because you are mixed your daddy is Indian and I am black that is why you have beautiful curly hair. My daughter likes to like her hair open oh boy, you know mixed hair and air equals to disaster. She comes back looking like she was walking through a tropical storm named why is your hair not tied…

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    When are you having another child? I double dare you to ask me that again.

    What’s with people asking you when are you having another child? I should have some t-shirts printed out with a slogan WHEN ARE YOU HAVING ANOTHER CHILD? I DOUBLE DARE YOU TO ASK ME AGAIN. Like it is really none of business when I am having another child, okay. Seriously have reached the end of the road with coming up with answers. By the way what is wrong  with having  one child? Should I bloody well choose to have another baby it’s  my choice. If I was a singer I would rap about it right unfortunately I aint Nicki Minaj.   Quick question what’s with people thinking they have the…

  • July Highlights For Boomerang

    July highlights for Boomerang

      The schools holidays are here and Boomerang has some amazing things in store for the little ones in July. So here are some July highlights for Boomerang to entertain the little ones, when you have nothing planned. Enjoyed the school holidays and tune in to channel 302 for some movies and new shows. For more information on the July Highlights For Boomerang,  visit Boomerang Africa website. Disclosure: 8

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    New App to help children report abuse launched in Durban

    When I heard that a new app to help children report abuse launched in Durban. The first thing that came into my mind was where was this when I was growing up. The new app will be available to schools that will sign up for approximately R500 monthly. As much as this app is a great initiative what about schools in the rural and township arears who do not have a budge. The app was launched in Durban and The Guardian is ready to distribute the app to schools throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal. The app is aimed to increase the reporting of sexual abuse and bullying. My daughter experienced bullying last…

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    Important Requirement of Motherhood is Unconditional Love

    As the month of motherhood celebration begins I find myself asking what makes a woman a mother? It is not just biology, but the important requirement of motherhood is Unconditional love. Giving birth to a child is not enough if you do not have unconditional love in your heart. Motherhood comes in all forms from the biological mother to adoptive mother and the foundation is love. I honestly never thought I would be a mom its something I never dreamed off or wanted. I am a mom now and oh boy motherhood has taught me things no school can teach, motherhood is a university on its own level. You never…