Chores Ideas for Children from the age of 6

Chores Ideas for Children from the age of 6 I started getting my daughter into doing chores last year she was only 6 years old.I have some chores ideas for children from the age of 6years old and this will be coming from what my daughter has been able to do.
It’s hard to be a working mom with a child in school, one day I just needed help and I cannot afford a maid. I asked my daughter if she could help and she gladly said yes.

Here is a list of my chores ideas for children from the age of 6 years old:

Doing the dishes

My daughter is really tall for age, but if your child is short you can buy those cute steps for children for them to reach the sink. Prepare water, make sure there is nothing sharp in the water like knives and forks. Keep the dish rack as close as possible, show them how doing it and voila.

Clearing the table after dinner

By this I mean putting the milk,juice and any sauces used during eating like your tomato sauce, salad dressing. Nothing heavy.

Cleaning the table after eating

Unless you have a table cloth on the table, your little one can learn to wipe down the table.

                                                      Folding Laundry

I just recently introduced this, the folding is still messy but the best part is she is learning. I give her the simple things like her leggings and tops. She also puts away underwear in the designated drawer.

Cleaning the bathroom

Give them a little water, sponge and detergent, let them scrub the bathtub and basin. It’s simple and easy and it keeps them busy.

These chores ideas for children can be introduced to your little one slowly not all at once and when you see that they are ready to taken on the next chores. Teaching our children to take care of themselves at an earlier age and teaching about cleanliness its the best value we can instill in them and a value they will always remember.

Unless you are you can afford maids and born into a wealth family then it does not matter☺

What chores have you taught your little and at what age did you begin?

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  • Hannah Atkinson

    I love seeing a post like this as it reminds me an others that our children need to help out, just like we used to. There are so many after school clubs now so our children are so busy but they need to learn that hard work pays off. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

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