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Clicks Made 4 Baby Dry Protect Diaper Review

Started using the Clicks made 4 baby dry protect diapers back in November. The reason was because that I was trying to find an alternative to brand name diapers that works. Today I will be talking about how I found the clicks store brand diapers.

Here is my Clicks made 4 baby dry protect diapers review. First I will talk about the features of the diapers and then give my honest review.

Features of Clicks made 4 baby dry protect diapers are;

• Wetness Indicator
• Stretchy waistband with Velcro straps
• High absorbent core
• Soft back sheet

My Review

Clicks Made 4 Baby Dry Protect

When I first bought the Clicks made 4 baby dry protect diapers, I was sceptical and worried that I might have just wasted my money.

I was worried that they would leak throughout the night and that my boy would get irritated and get diaper rush.

Happy to say I am glad that this brand proved me wrong and has been saving me money ever since. I spent about R 210.00 for two packs of the Clicks Made 4 Baby Dry Protect diapers.

The diapers do not feel tacky and cheap to the touch and love the wet indicator that disappears when the diaper is wet.

If you are trying to save money of baby diapers, Clicks Made 4 Baby Dry Protect diapers will not disappoint at all.
Also, paying R 210.00 for two packs of diapers is a bargain. The diapers do what the expensive brand do.

This brand has loved my baby boy and it may not be the case for your little one. While these diapers are not bad when it comes to quality, I question their leak absorption quality because at night they leak. They may be good for day use only.

If, you are keen on trying them out. You can buy the small pack first and see how your little one reacts to it and then make an informed decision from that.

To read more your can check the clicks website here.

 Rating :3.3 out of 5 stars (3.3 / 5)

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  • Shahiem

    Clicks brand diapers are a waste of money.. 1 urine in it and it leaks through especially at night causing my little one to wake up. when I take the diaper off I can feel it’s still light and it’s not full.. But it leaks causing the bed to become wet.. I Evan took a bigger size still The same problem it’s a waste of money.

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