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I am so happy that the postpartum bleeding has stopped and have been spotting. Will be sharing with you my all time favourite products I use to keep my lady parts clean and refreshed. I never ran out of Comfitex pantyliners and Betadine intimate wipes.

Comfitex Pantyliners

Have been a fan since these came into the market and because of the extra pantyliners you receive in each package. Also that they are affordable and the price at Clicks is currently R 12.99.

Pantyliners are used for different reasons like absorption of postpartum flow, manage discharge, feel fresh all day and protect against bladder leaks. It is really a useful product.

Also wearing pantyliners is totally a personal preference some women do and some don’t.

I find the Comfitex pantyliners useful so days like now and when I am expecting my period don’t like oops moments.

Betadine Intimate Wipes

Love these because they are flushable and have great features. I have used other wipes before and they caused Ph. Imbalance and irritation.

Here are some of the amazing things I love besides the flushable part and the fact that nourishes and supports growth of your healthy intimate flora for natural protection against feminine discomforts.

• Soap, Paraben, Colourant Free
• Helps maintain natural pH
• Gynaecologically tested
• Contains Prebiotics
• Hypoallergenic

A prebiotic helps stimulate the growth and dominance of beneficial bacteria and prevents harmful organisms from growing.

The retail price for a pack of 10 wipes is R16.99

Disclaimer – I am sharing my own personal experience and in no way advising anyone. I was in no way compensated to write this review nor received the product for free.

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