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Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Shampoo and Relaxer: Review


I received these two lovely products to review the Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Food, Shampoo and Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer from Beauty South Africa.I love the packaging especially the clear shampoo bottle revealing the golden shampoo inside. They both come in 250ml really easy to open.


Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Shampoo comes in a clear bottle like I said and it feels so smooth on the hands and the smell its so divine. After shampooing my hair the scent of the last long and leaves my hair feeling fuller. The shampoo has a color indicator it turns pink when you still have relaxer in your hair. It’s not only good for relaxed it feels good too on natural hair.

Available at selected retailers and salons nationwide for only R 24.95


Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer, like any other relaxer has a strong smell,smooth and white.The container is easy to open so keep away from children if you will be using it from home.The relaxer promises to give your hair volume and my friend agrees,she loved her hair after I used the relaxer on her.She said she loved how people complimented on her healthy looking hair.The relaxer is suitable for normal to fine hair. If you have coarse hair then go for the super. It is super easy to be rinsed off and no mix an fuss its a multi functional relaxer.

Also available at selected retailers nationwide for only R 27.95

Dark and lovely is a company that is innovative when it comes to hair this new fat protein products are impressive and affordable. My friend and I would recommend it and I will be buying the shampoo again and again.


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