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E45 Rich 24 HR Lotion with Evening Primrose Oil

Hi Fam, it is me again with another review for you about a month or two, I received the E45 Rich 24 HR Lotion with Evening Primrose Oil to test and review.

I have heard of E45 but never really used the products before and when a product promises to keep my skin moisturised for 24 hours.

Well, the skeptic in me says yeah right. I have heard of that before and it because of my very stubborn dry skin.

So, stubborn that every lotion I buy I put glycerine in it otherwise, I get ashy and that ain’t cute at all.


While I found the E45 Rich 24 HR Lotion with Evening Primrose Oil scent a bit musty, you eventually get used to the smell. It is not greasy and easily absorbs into the skin.

The Product worked well on my extremely dry skin in the summer and did not even put glycerine. It really lasted 24 hours on the skin.

As the weather changed and got a bit colder and the skin got drier the product did not live up to the 24 HR promise. My skin felt dehydrated and had to switch to another lotion.

In conclusion, if you have extremely dry skin this product is excellent during the summer and not so much in the colder weather.

My Rating is

Review Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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