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On the 20 December I decided to change my lifestyle to eat healthier and exercise (I hate the gym). I also made a decision that I don’t need to work out for 45 to 60 minutes to make a change so I found a very interactive and user friendly app called Sworkit, it it divided into 4 sections Strength, Cardio, Yoga and Stretching in all this 4 options there is a variation of pilates,yoga for runners, boot camp,core strength to name a few and you can even customize your work out for more information on click here

From the 20th I started exercising for only 5 minutes and I was sweating like I was in a steam room that was my ah ha moment I was beyond unfit and since then I have worked out as often as possible. As of today I started taking sweetener in my coffee instead of sugar trying to cut down my sugar intake. I won’t say I am dieting as I have failed on that, but I would say I am making wiser choices about what I put in mouth its not easy and the cravings are killing me slowly but what is important is with my 5 to 15 minute workouts there and there I feel different and happy, see below my progress so far not much but something.


Take it easy when it comes to losing weight I think most of us fail because we choose to tackle the ocean before the swimming pool,I cannot say if I have lost weight because I do not own a bathroom scale but I can honestly say every little bit makes a difference.

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  • Debbie

    Hi Moipone, I love that you decided to get fit just before Christmas! Baby steps are always the best way to approach things and at least that way you won’t loose motivation. personally I always think it’s better to be a ware of what you are eating than to ‘diet’ (hate that word!).

    Wishing you all the best for 2016, and keep up with the good work!


  • Tracey Abrahams

    Baby steps is the way to go. I have looked at my diet sonce the new year and am maki\g a effort to change my eating habits, cutting down on bread, sugar and processed food and upping the fruit and veg. I have also been walking more.
    Thanks for linking up, Traceyxx #abitofeverything

  • Honest Mum

    So inspiring, I like you have made some changes, I’m doing veganuary and am working out as much as possible. Love this. Thanks for linking and Happy New Year X

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