Ferocious Haven is now Life and Mo

Ferocious haven is now Life and Mo

Ferocious haven is now Life and Mo. Yes, I have rebranded my blog because as much as I loved Ferocious haven. Some people found it hard to remember and some even said the name is too abstract.

Decided to go with Life and Mo “a play on and more”, something easy to remember.

I was scared because change and I we are not best friends, but it was long overdue. Feeling renewed and excited about the new name Life and Mo.

I would like to say Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey of blogging. Thank you to my readers and fellow bloggers and may the future be brighter than the sun.

Life and Mo, I will continue blogging about things I blogged about in Ferocious Haven and even more. Will continue with parenting, product reviews, women empowerment and all other things in between.

Once again thank you for yours continue support and have a lovely weekend.

What do you think about my new name?

A South African bloggers that enjoys sharing her experiences whether about a product or good/bad customer service. I started Ferocious Haven at the end of 2014 , now Life and Mo. I write about beauty products, product reviews , parenting journey and challenges and life and achieving personal finance.


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