From America to Antibiotics


Literally from America to antibiotics we spent nine days in Orlando, Florida in the US, wow they have the most uncomfortable weather the humidity was unbearable indeed. Florida is one clean state no litter on the streets unlike the disgusting streets of Jeppe Street I saw before leaving it was traumatizing.Another thing I did not like they have huge streets and they are hard to cross you wait for the walking man and then the robot starts counting you down from 30 just imagine seriously 🙂 .I like that you can walk with your phone in your hands without worrying that someone will snatch it and you will have to scream Vimba. Other than my likes and dislikes of Orlando, Florida it was pleasantly nice to visit another country and see how they live.

I arrived back home Johannesburg I was so sick, fever I felt like my bones were on fire I went to see the doctor I normally see on Friday he was not there so the guy was checking me and didn’t really give me strong medication just to clear my congested chest, oh boy came Monday, I thought I was fine I was wrong went to my childhood doctor and the x-ray found that I had left lower lobe pneumonia/ chest infection.
I have been on antibiotics since then and happy to say I am slowly gaining my strength the horrific cough is gone and I managed to write this blog post :-).

Feels good to be healthy again, it’s Monday again and I am reporting back to work wishing you a wonderful productive week ahead

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  • My Petit Canard

    Glad to hear you had a nice trip over to the US, not so great that you managed to get ill just as you got back though! Glad to hear that you are getting and feeling better. Looking forward to hearing more once you are back up to full speed 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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