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Guidelines for Containing and Surviving Chicken Pox

Tuesday night I realized my daughter had a high temperature so I gave her panado didn’t think much of it then on Wednesday she woke up with 2 blisters on her chest and back didn’t think much about it I thought mosquito bite. After work she tells me that her school said she must not come to school because she has chicken pox and two other kids have it.

I was in denial and I am like, but she was vaccinated for it like 2 months ago, so my initial thought was if you get vaccinated for something means you won’t get it well I was wrong. Woke up Thursday morning boom more blisters and lasted that day the doctor confirmed it yep it was Chicken Pox.
I panicked what am I going to do so I Google it and beam the pictures were horrid my advice, don’t Google the pictures of chicken pox because will make you crazy.

Guidelines for containing and surviving Chicken Pox:

> Cut the nails to ensure that when they scratch, they don’t cause too much damage on the skin
>Make sure they don’t mix their face cloth with other and that they use a separate soap and towel
> Keep the child entertained to keep being distracted from stretching
> They won’t be feeling like eating so give them some finger foods nothing heavy.

Medication to have:

Calamine to apply all over the body to ease the itching
Panda for the fever and pain
Allergex will also help with soothing the itching
Antibiotic prescribed by your doctor
PoxClin CoolMousse relieves the itch and helps prevent scarring and it contains a unique proactive bacterial blocker for an effective treatment to soothe the itch, to recondition the skin and to help prevent scar tissue formation.

Also, having cool baths with baking soda every 3-4 hours help with soothing the skin and you can also try ice packs and antihistamines for children.

There goes my weekend as I will be contained and under don’t scratch duty

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  • Hannah Atkinson

    Bless her in that picture, she looks so cute! I can’t believe that you have an innoculation for it in the USA.We don’t here in the UK and so every family goes through the pox. My little booy is 3.5 yrs and I’m getting nervous as I’d like him to get it before he starts school next year. It can be worse the older they get. I’m glad she came through ok. I am covered in scars on my face from sme massive ones when I was a baby. Thanks for linking to #Findtribe

    • Moipone Islam

      Hi Hannah

      Thank you and oh my goodness are you serious no vaccination in the UK that is terrible, I am in SA not USA 🙂
      Its better if he gets it earlier.

      Thank you for visiting 🙂

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