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Half Way Through Twenty Sixteen

Half way throughTwenty Sixteen

Oh my goodness, can you believe it, we are half way through twenty sixteen, what started as a good year for me turned upside down my faith has been tested and still is.

My daughter started school this year and it has been difficult like hell having to include homework time, lunch box and school uniform preparation time in our daily routine has been a bloody nightmare. I seriously do not remember my mother working like this when I started school and also do not remember having so much homework. I have also realized that you, the parent become the teacher and the teacher they are just overseers I am so angry that I pay school fees and I have to teach my daughter. Just last week I downloaded and Afrikaans alphabet up for her to learn them because I do not know how to pronounce them.

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I travelled overseas to North America it, I finally got to use my passport as my first one expired without leaving the country. This trip has inspired me to see the world more, discover and make new memories I cannot wait for my next trip and I will start with countries that South Africa is visa exempt first.

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I finally registered to further my education I cannot wait to start I don’t know how I will cope, but hell I will have too, because knowledge is power and I need my daughter growing up knowing that education is important and I want to lead my example to motivate her to stand on her two feet and do it for herself and never depend on a man to survive.

One wise lady told me that life is too short to be terribly unhappy and I am going to live my life by that and this too shall pass. I will find peace and calmness again in my life and it is not over until it’s really over.

How has 2016 been for you so far?

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