Hasbro Gaming’s Travel Tips For A Happy Family

Another collaboration with Hasbro and this time its their GRAB and GO games to make roadtrips fun during long weekends. I will will be sharing with you,  Habro Gaming’s Travel Tips For A Happy Family.

My daughter is exicted to have mommy around this long weekend because we get to spend more quality time together.

A key tip is stock up on the Board Games, which provide great entertainment for the whole family.

The portable Grab & Go selection from Hasbro Gaming is ideal for convenient, on-the-go fun.

Hasbro Gaming’s Travel Tips For A Happy Family for travellers; 

Pack light on non-essential items. Whatever the occasion, once you leave the house there’s no reason to weigh yourself down with heavy bags.

Keep a ziplock bag filled with wipes and a basic change of clothes handy for any accidental spills along the way and consider travel sized toiletries to save space.

Snack Time – stock up on a variety of healthier, on the go snacks like fresh vegetable sticks, dried fruit, mixed nuts, homemade popcorn and biltong to keep energy levels high (without all the processed sugar).

Also don’t forget the importance of hydration so keep bottles of water handy at all times. A packed easy-to-get-to lunch can also help keep the costs down and provide a nice picnic break along the journey.

Consider simple finger foods such as chicken drumsticks, vegetable skewers and pre-cut sandwiches/ rolls.

Board games provide great entertainment for the whole family. The portable Grab & Go selection from Hasbro Gaming is ideal for convenient, on-the-go fun and includes classics such as Monopoly, Clue, Battleship, Connect 4 and Guess Who? and the latest addition to the range Hungry Hippo.

Theme your trip with the game chosen to add excitement for the destination ahead. If you are heading to the bush give Hungry Hippo a go or if you are seaside bound Battleship it is.


The easy to store, affordable Grab & Go selection allows you to keep a range of games on-hand with options suited to the whole family.


If you’re hunkering down at home for the long weekend, this provides a great opportunity to enjoy some fun family time with activities everyone can participate in.


Car Karaoke is a great way to keep the troops engaged, and immerse them in the music you love.

Create a playlist before leaving home with options the whole family will enjoy and encourage all to join in a sing-a-long during the trip.

Countdowns help pass the time and a countdown to your destination is a fun way to keep everyone involved.

Use visual aids that the kids can decorate in order to mark off time, keep them occupied and get them excited for the destination.

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