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Mudrooms come across as one of the most neglected and under-utilised areas in people’s homes. Not sure what the reasons are but that’s a fact. On the other hand if one properly organises their mudroom, it might turn into a useful and optimal storage space. “But how to do that?”, you wonder. You should try and consider the practical side of things. Or give our home décor ideas a shot – they will prove helpful in maximising your mudroom’s storage capacity.

Tip number 1 – Tall cabinets

It would be fantastic if you can afford to buy a tall cabinet with multiple compartments for your mudroom. This way you’d be able to make the most of your hall space. Use the cabinet to hang your winter coats and jackets in, to store your caps and hats and arrange your bags, shoes and boots in. The more compartments there are, the better, as there will be plenty of room for all accessories and clothing. And the greatest advantage is that cabinets have doors to conceal what’s being stored inside. Very neat and compact, right?

Tip number 2 – Use a bench seat

Putting on or taking off your laced boots or shoes might turn out to be pretty testing on your nerves if you have nothing to sit on. Instead of going back to the kitchen to bring in a chair any time you put your shoes on, why not install a comfortable and padded bench seat in your mudroom? If you already have a cabinet to store your shoes in, you can buy only the cushion and place it on top. This will help you avoid bumping into random chairs each time you enter your hallway.

Tip number 3 – Mudroom baskets

That’s a lovely idea if you need more storage room. Who says the space beneath the bench seat should be used for shoes storage only? If there are several compartments below and you have a limited number of shoes, you might use some of this space to place nice wicker baskets in. In one of those you can store your gloves, in another your pairs of Chuck Taylors and in a third one – your shoe polish kit. Adding some labels to each basket will be a nice touch, making everything much easier to find.

Tip number 4 – Peg boards on walls

You can give your mudroom a small and inexpensive make-over by attaching some peg boards to the walls in your entryway are saying from Paddington Renovation Mates. Peg boards won’t cost you a fortune, besides they are beyond functional to a great extent thanks to the millions of drilled and evenly distributed holes. Once you attach the peg boards, make sure you place some hooks to hang your coats and winter wear on. On a lower level add several more hooks so that your children can benefit from them too. This way everything will be easier to grab on.

Tip number 5 – No clutter

There will hardly be enough space for everything, if you keep on storing stuff in your mudroom that don’t necessarily belong there. Think of all the extra space you might take advantage of when you put all mudroom clutter at bay. If there are pairs of old, worn-out shoes there and you can’t remember when was the last time you put those on, maybe it’s time to finally throw them away. If it’s summer or late spring, there’s probably no need for your winter coats and jackets to hang on the hooks in your mudroom. Store those in your wardrobe until winter knocks on your door. Similarly if you play tennis once every two months, it’s pointless (and space-consuming) to keep your racket on the rack, don’t you think?

Allow your mudroom to live up to its full potential by following our tips. Our suggestions will bring order to your overstuffed entryway, make everything more compact, organised and allow for some extra space. You don’t even need an entire room for storage to reap the benefits of well-arranged mudroom.

Thank you to Kathleen Crane for this amazing post.

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