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How can I teach my daughter to be a reader?

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So I came across a blog post by Kim Mari about how her boys never leave the house without a book. Wow, thanks Kim for making me feel guilty about reading I say this because I am a watcher, not a reader. I watch a lot of television with my daughter Abeerah to the extent that she knows every word for most of the adverts on the television.

I remember back in 2009 after she was born, I joined a Barbie book club where they sent books very month because I wanted her to have a different upbringing than me and I must say I don’t even read her a bedtime story I just hate reading long books.

My question is how can a parent like me who is not fond of reading raise a child that is a reader?She has like tons of books, but I never read to her because I always have my eyes glued to the television and I seriously do not have the patience.

Mothers may you kindly please share tips with me. From tonight I promise to read her a book


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