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How healthy is your gut? A healthy gut plays a huge role in a human being. Probiotics are found in fermented such as yoghurt or can be taken as a supplement. They are essential in balancing the good and bad bacteria in your digestive system. This is HOW PROBIOTICS CAN CHANGE MY LIFE?

Started taking probiotics because when I was pregnant I kept having recurring yeast infection. I was not in the best health while pregnant and also hate dairy products which caused havoc by making my immune system weak and having bacteria grow out of control.
Was told to take probiotics and to balance out the bacteria in my stomach and the yeast infection stopped.

It could be hard eating food with probiotics because I am a fussy eater and don’t eat a lot of things. So, I keep buying probiotics along with my multi vitamins every month.

Well, since then I have been trying to eat dairy products to get probiotics naturally from foods. But noticed something else, after eating diary products I would get very gassy, so I researched what can help with gas then probiotics were on the list.

I have been buying the probiotics but have not been taking them regularly. So, on that day when I gas an uncontrollable gas machine I took one. Wow! Within an hour I was pass less gas.

Now every time after eating diary products or legumes, I take my probiotic supplement and I don’t get gassy.

Also, be aware the probiotics differ in strength and how long the start to work all depends on what you are taking them for.

Live probiotic cultures are often found in fermented dairy products such as yogurts and milk drinks. Fermented foods like pickled vegetables, soy products may also contain some lactic acid bacteria.

That’s how probiotics changed my life and if you are suffering from the same issues as me and you may think of taking them, please consult your doctor before doing so. Probiotics supplements might have help me does not mean you may react the same to them.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and in no way offering medical advice. This post is about my experience using the product.

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