How to Make Extra Money Online in South Africa?

How to make extra money online in South Africa? I remember how I used to ask Google that question when I was home after giving birth to my baby. I got so bored and could not stand not having any income on my own, that’s how my journey on making extra money online begun.

Finding ways to supplement your income online is a lot of work, especially in South Africa because there are a lot of scams out there. I must say after searching all those years I have finally found some local survey companies that offer payment in exchange for your opinion.

I will be sharing with you my favourite South African survey panels with you below. One thing you must always remember is to never pay to be a member of a survey panel. When they ask for a fee run.


The Your View panel website is maintained and administered by the KLA (Kaufman Levin Associates), more info available under about us on their website. Payment Methods offered include Woolworths Vouchers, Cash, Airtime and Takealot Vouchers.

I found success in the Yourview Survey site because they send out surveys regularly and they pay well.  Also their have updated their rewards system , the turn around time is faster.

TUAI (Tell us about it)

Tell Us About It (TUAI) is a consumer panel run by Panel Services Africa, more information available under this about us on their website. Payment methods include cash, Woolworth and Takealot vouchers and airtime.

When I first joined the panel I received surveys weekly know I even forget that I am part of this panel. Dont remember the last time I cashed out of this panel.

Enlighten Panel

Been a member for a very long time back to the days when it was survey basket. They have a lot of surveys and they also have an opinion forum that’s run for a week and you can make up to R150. Their payment methods include YuppieChef, Takealot, Numetro and Woolworths vouchers, airtime and recently added the Fnb Ewallet option.

I have stopped being part of this panel because the surveys are too long and the points your are just little. Not worth the data.

Answered Insight

Answered insight is by far my favourite South African survey company because it pays R20.00 per survey and if the survey is long its double the amount. They make cash payment straight into your account within 5 working days.

Answered Insights it is still one of my favourites and still pays well.

Springvale Online

Is the slowest for me and they take time to process payment. You should be patient when joining this panel. Their payment methods include airtime and cash.

I have only shared my trusted survey panels and they are reliable and legit. You can join and do them on your spare time and redeem your points for anything from airtime to cash before month end pay check comes.

Total waste of  time , not worth the data you use to complete the surveys.

Do you have any ideas on how to make extra money online in South Africa?

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  • Sara Essop

    I’ve also been using Enlighten for a while. They seem to be the best SA survey panel. There are a few others that have lucky prize draws for surveys but of course, that’s not guaranteed.

  • Caroline

    Have just checked AnswerInsights and website says one earns 10 points per survey and you need a minimum of 50 points before you can redeem. So I don’t understand your feed back that one earns R20 per survey?

    Another good site is Toluna – I’ve been with them for 2 years. Because of my age (67) I’m very often screened out of surveys – never could figure why my opinion doesn’t count any more! But Toluna has a wonderful community and you can earn points for other activities, not just survey. Check it out!

    • Moipone

      Hi Caroline

      10 points equals to R20 , so when you have 50 points is equals to R100 hundred rands to cash out.

      I am on toluna I found that they take too long to payout. With Answered is 5- 7 working days.

      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

    • Moipone

      Hi Marilyn

      Basically you take surveys online on your phone and get paid for it. You redeem the points you earn for vouchers, money and airtime.

  • Memphis


  • Memphis


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